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Welcome to ... The International Echolist - Updating Listings via Netmail/Email

Updating the Echolist Database

Internet users can submit MODerator UPDate messages via email.

Updating the database is done by sending email to the Echolist Robot at

The Subject line determines the robot's action:

  • MODerator UPDate (or MOD UPD)
  • MODerator DELete (or MOD DEL)
  • MODerator RULe (or MOD RUL)

Depending on the action requested, ECHOBASE will read the message, add the echo to (or update, delete) the echolist database, add a rule file, send a netmail response, announce the echo and forward a submission to the EList.

Moderator Update Messages

To: echolist@fidonet.us
Subject: MOD UPD
Body of Message
From: your_email_address
TAGname areatag
TITLe brief area description
MODerator moderator name, moderator node, email
MODerator co-moderator name, co-moderator node, email
PASSword current password, new password
TOTalnodes number of nodes carrying this conference
VOLume number of messages>/Month
RESTrictions /MEMber, /SYSop, /MOD-apvl, /REAl, /ACC
ORIGin origination of the distribution>
DISTribution distribution
GATEway gateways
GROUP Abbrev. of Network; i.e. FIDO)
RULE rules file
HELP respond with help message

Terminating the message

So that Echobase will know when to stop reading the message for keywords, you need to include a line beginning with three-dashes to indicate the end of a message.

Here's a final, full example.
This message updates the echo HIJACKME

To: echolist@fidonet.us
From: baltimoremd@baltimoremd.com
TITLe Designed as a Test of The Echolist Robot
MODerator Thom LaCosta, 1:261/1352, hon@baltimoremd.com
Moderator Other Robot, 1:1/21, robot@baltimoremd.com
Moderator Tweedle Dee, 1:261/1550, tweedle@baltimoremd.com
DESC Specifically designed for those that feel a need to hijack
DESC an echo...HIJACKME gives YOU an opportunity to attempt to
DESC aquire an echotag the sneaky way. Simply send in a MODerator
DESC UPDate message if you think you know the password. If you
DESC guess right, you own the echo...if you guess wrong, you
DESC get an error message. To make life more interesting,
DESC the password will change on a random time basis...after
DESC all, someone has to win now and again.
VOLume 5/month
RESTrictions /REAL
ORIGin unknown
DISTribution you pick it up
PASSword iwillnottell

Copyright 2001-2003 Thom LaCosta. All rights reserved.