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Welcome to ... The International Echolist - Frequently Asked Questions

                        The International Echolist FAQ

01 APRIL 2012                                            ELFQ1203.TXT
|| Notes new or modified information

The Echobase Echolist Robot

Submissions can be made
Via Netmail        Via Email
echolist 1:1/21    echolist@fidonet.us
Effective MARCH, 2006 the echolist robot can be reach via routed netmail and email.
See ELHIS.TXT for details.

   The FEBRUARY, 2012 Echolist was produced in mARCH, 2012 due to a system 
   malfunction and ISP Problem.

   The January, 2012 Echolist was produced in January, 2012 due to a system 
   malfunction.  A backup of the November Echolist database and archived update
   messages submitted in December of 2011 were used to produce the Echolist 

   Submissions to the Echolist may now be made via Routed Netmail, Email and BinkdD
   Thanks to Dallas Hinton, Charles Cruden and Ross Cassell for their assistance

JUNE 2011
   Due to ISP problems, the May, 2011 Echolist will be published near the end of the month.
   It is anticipated that the June issue will be published in the first week of June 2011

   The November and December Echolists were not published due to a combination of internal
   and external problems.  Submissions made during that time period were stored and processed
   January 1, 2011
   Internet ReX config files corrupt....Echolist operating manually.  Bink is not
   active at this time. 	

   Echolist Rules files older than 6 months from the creation of the current echolist will
   be purged on a monthly basis, beginning with the August, 2010 Echolist.  
   Moderators are urged to submit their rules updates at least once every six months. 

   JUNE 2010
   Due to hardware problems, the May, 2010 Echolist was not produced until May 14,2010

   DECEMBER, 2009
   The DECEMBER, 2009 Echolist was produced but not distributed until 
   until Jannuary, 2010 due to a death in the family. 

   OCTOBER, 2009
   In September, 2009 two Echolist problems were confirmed:
   A. Echolist announcements were not being posted in the Echolist echo
      This problem was solved when the batch file that operates the Echolist
      Robot was modified.  Apparently, a change in Windows XP caused the
      batch file to malfunction.  While no updates were lost, the announcements
      were not being made.
   B. The origin of the announcements changed, and the announcements were not
      processed.  The problem was recitifed when the Echolist Keeper was made aware of
      the problem by 1:123/500

   Hardware problems required that all MARCH, 2008 MODerator UPDate
   messages be re-processed.  All dates for updates appear as 12/31/2008

MARCH 2008
   The numbering system for the Echolist and the Echolist rule files has been changed
   to ELISTyydd and ELRUyydd to allow for correct sorting. The MARCH and
   MARCH Echolist archives will be rehatched this month with the updated
   file names.

MARCH 2008
   Due to equipment problems, the MARCH, 2008 Echolist was not published....the MARCH,
   2008 Echolist contains information for MARCH and MARCH 2008. 

MARCH 2007
   Echomail/Routed Netmail problems
   Reports indicate a problem with echomail in the Echolist Echo and routed netmail not being
   delivered part the node that serves as uplink for the Echolist Robot.  New Echomail feed has
   corrected problem.

   The current nodelist has a corrected listing for the Echolist.

The Echolist Keeper
Thom LaCosta 1:261/1352     fidonet@fidonet.us

   The echolist is copywritten by Thom LaCosta.

   The Echolist Robot is maintained by Thom LaCosta(1:261/1352,

   The Robot is listed in the Fido Nodelist as Echolist 1:1/21

   The Echolist Robot recognizes any line that contains 3 or more 
   dashes --- as an end of message marker.  Moderators are urged 
   to check their MODerator UPdate and MODerator RULE updates to 
   insure that the only line that contains 3 or more dashes --- 
   is the final line of the information being submitted.
   The Echolist robot ignores ALL information following the
   three dashes. 

   Recent tests indicate that there are no known problems with
   routed netmail from the robot to moderators.

   To insure that robot can send email responses, it is ESSENTIAL
   that all emails to echolist@fidonet.us have the first line in
   the body of the message contain:
   From: Use_your_email_address_here

   The Echolist Robot can respond to queries and return information
   to the submitting netmail or email address.  Please see
   ECHOBASE.QUE for details.

   Moderators wishing to use the service of third parties to submit
   MOD UPD, MOD DEL and MOD RULE messages must notify the Echolist
   Keeper of their intention to use third parties.  The Echolist
   Keeper MARCH hold update messages from third parties if there is
   no confirmation message from the moderator.
   Third party submissions MUST be from the address of the updater.

   All moderator entries in the Echolist database MUST include, as a
   minimum, the name of the moderator and either a Fido Style address
   and/or an email address.  The  can be a person's
   name, or in "official" echoes, the position name of the moderator
   (examples: Echolist Keeper, RC13).

   Terms such as Trustee, Custodian, Emeritus, etc. are not proper
   names, and therefore can not be listed in the moderator dataline.
   These descriptions MARCH be used in a DESC line.

   The Echolist Keeper reserves the right to modify information in
   the Echolist database if in the opinion of the Echolist Keeper,
   the information is inaccurate, in question, or not in concert
   with the published Echolist Documents.

   In such instances the Echolist Keeper will make resonable efforts
   to contact the moderator(s) of such echoes to discuss the
   potential changes.


   The reasons for rejection of update messages are listed below, with
   the most common appearing first:

   1. Incorrect Abbreviations - While most abbreviations used with the
   Echolist Robot are accepted, the major difference is the
   TITLE of the echo.  The Echobase Robot expects an abbreviation of
   TITL, rather than TIT .

   2. Insufficient information -
   TAG, TITLe,
   MODerator Address,
   PASSword and DESC are the minimum requirements.

   3. Incorrect address for Robot - ECHOLIST, ECHOBASE are the only
      "names" that the Echobase Robot recognizes at 1:1/21

   4. Incorrect Moderator Address -
      The correct format for moderator information is
      , fidonet node number, email address
      While moderator name is mandatory, an entry MARCH have a netmail
      address only, or an email address only, but it must have one
      of those addresses.

   5. Incorrect From Address -
      The Echolist Robot senses the  AT  in a from address and makes
      the assumption that it is an email address.  Do NOT use a 
      From: nodenumber AT fidonet, since that is an incomplete email
      If the from address is xxxxxxxx@fidonet.org or xxxxxxxx@fidonet.net,
      you must insure that a gateway system is available to deliver the mail.
   6. NOTE: Do NOT use email addresses in the form of your.name AT 1:261/1352
            The Robot will not process the message.

      Messages from addresses that automatically reject mail from the Echolist 
      Robot due to configuration on that end and/or mis-identification of 
      Echolist Robot messages, domain names and/or IP addresses will not
      be processed until the system causing these problems contacts the
      Echolist Keeper and indicates that problems have been rectified.  Any
      lost of listing due to the these problems is the responsibility of the

   8. Other Causes for rejection -
      The Echolist Keeper reserves the right to delete and/or
      refuse listings if, in the sole opinion of the Echolist
      Keeper, the message origin does not agree with the sending
      address of the updater.

   ||The echolist web site MARCH be viewed at:
   Visitors to previous sites are redirected to the address above.

   Visitors to the Echolist web site can now submit MOD UPD, MOD DEL,
   MOD RUL and ECHO QUERY messages to the echolist robot via a
   convenient form.

GROUP Keyword
   The GROUP keyword MARCH be used to identify which Fido Zone or
   Network the moderator wishes.  For FidoNet the group keywords
   MARCH be used as follows:
   FID1 - Zone 1       FID2 - Zone 2       FID3 - Zone 3
   FID4 - Zone 4       FID5 - Zone 5       FID6 - Zone 6
   FIDO - All Zones
   Note: The GROUP keyword has a maximum length of 4 characters

   The echolist Robot now uses echolist@fidonet.us for
   submissions and queries.
   The ISP that provides service for the Echolist MARCH,
||   in certain circumstances, reject mail from connections with
||   dynamic domain names. those listed as open relays and any
||   listed in various SPAM databases. 

   In some instances the echolist robot does NOT process multiple
   messages from the same moderator correctly.  It is STRONGLY
   suggested that moderators send a MOD QUERY message to the robot
   to ascertain the correctness of their listing(s).

   To insure proper submission of rules files, the rules text MUST
   be incorporated in the body of the message to the Echolist Robot,
   rather than as a file attachment.  The message should be
   addressed to:
   echolist 1:1/21
   subject: MOD RUL
   The text of the message MUST begin with:
   TAG the_tag_name
   PASSword the_echo_tag_password
   RULEText Rules for area the_tag_name
   Text line of Rules
   next line of rule

   NOTE: The ECHOMOD application produces the MOD RUL messages in
         the proper format.

   Rules files MARCH be submitted to the Echolist Robot as a
   standard MOD RUL message.

   Please insure that there are NO extra spaces or tabs between the
   keyword and the text in your submission messages.  The robot will
   NOT process them.

   The ECHOLIST echo is now a Read-Only Area.  It is reserved for
   announcements from the Robot or the Echolist Keeper.  Discussions
   and questions can be posted in the ELIST echo.

   The echolist is designed to publish current information relative
   to echo conferences as provided by moderators.  Moderators are
   urged to submit information for inclusion in the Echolist

   The intent of the Echolist is to provide information submitted
   by moderators about echoes for which they have responsibility.

   Expiration Warning messages are generated on a monthly basis.
   They are netmailed to the address shown for the moderator if the
   last updated field in the database is 150 or more days older than
   the system date when the function is invoked.  A list of
   conferences for which warning messages have been generated is
   posted in the Fido ECHOLIST and ELIST echoes, and such other
   echoes as the Echolist Keeper feels will provide wide coverage.

   The following information details changes to the echobase software
   and other items of interest to Echolist users.

   The Echobase Robot accepts submissions from non-Fido addressed
   moderators.  The response messages are placed on hold at
   1:261/1352  Messages on hold will be held for a maximum of 2
   weeks.  Moderators from Othernets are responsible for polling
   ||to receive their confirmation messages.

   The Echobase Robot and a companion application authored by
   Thom LaCosta process incoming email messages sent to
   echolist@fidonet.us, a gateway system hosted by 1:261/1352

   The email messages should be in the form of a netmail submitted
   message, with the requirement that the first line of the
   email text body contains
   FROM the_email_address
   TAG  the echotag
   The remainder of the lines can be in any order.

   A sample submission message is included in ECHOBASE.HLP

   The Echolist Robot does not recognize html emails.  Please adjust your
   email client to insure that the messages to the robot do not contain
   any html or other encoded material.

   Echo announcements from the Echobase Robot are presently posted
   in the ECHOLIST echo.  Discussions pertaining to the Echolist
   and the software in use MARCH be made in ELIST.

   A companion application, designed to assist in automating
   moderator submissions to the Echolist Robot at 1:1/21, and other
   robots using the same submission criteria is available for File
   Request at 1:261/1352 with the magic name of ECHOMOD.
   The file can also be acquired via the Internet at

   A webpage specializing in the Robot and associated matters MARCH be
|||   accessed at http://www.echolist.net
   Visitors MARCH download EMOD331.ZIP, ECHOHELP.ZIP and view sample
   Echolists in HTML format, a sample .na file, and view a help file
   designed for moderators wishing to make submissions to the
   Echobase Robot.  The web page is updated with each publication of
   the Echolist.

   For the convenience of moderators, the help file is included in the
   distribution of the Echolist.

   Questions about the echolist, echotags, lost passwords, missing
   moderators and disputes should be addressed to the Echolist
   Keeper, Thom LaCosta  1:261/1352 or via email to

    Effective MARCH, 2005. Date sensitive information about the echolist
    is now contained the in ELHIST.TXT file

Thom LaCosta 1:261/1352
echolist AT fidonet.us


Copyright 2001-2009 Thom LaCosta. All rights reserved.