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2600"2600" Hackers Conference
4DOS_FMY4dos Discussions
ABLEDdisABLED Users Information Exchange.
ACC-SPORTSACC College Sports
ADAMS_RIBWomen's Conference
AFIX/2_BETAInternational ALLFIX OS/2 Beta Echo
AF_WC_BETAInternational ALLFIX Wildcat Beta Echo
AIArtificial Intelligence Discussions
AIRPLANE_OWNERSAirplane Owners Discussions
ALL-POLITICSAll Politics Conference
ALLFIXInternational ALLFIX Support
ALLFIX_BETAInternational ALLFIX DOS Beta Echo
ALLFIX_ECHO_BETAInternational ALLFIX Echo Beta Echo
ALLFIX_FILEFile Announce Conference for ALLFIX Users
ALLFIX_HELPInternational ALLFIX Support
ALLFIX_UNV_BETAInternational ALLFIX Universal Beta Echo
ALLSYSOPAll sysops newsgroup
ALL_POLITICSAll Politics Conference
ALT-LINUXLinux Discussions
AMIGA-MKTPLAmiga Marketplace (Filtered Newsgroup)
ANA-MIGHTY-DUCKAnaheim Mighty Ducks Hockey
ANTHROPOLOGYAnthropology Discussions
ANTIQUESFidoNet Antiques and Vintage collections Echo
APACHE-CONFIGApache Configuration
ARCADE_GAMESVideo Arcade Games Discussions
ARCHERYArchery Echo
AREA51Area 51 Discussions / UFOs etc...
ARGUSArgus (and its clones) Support Echo
ARIZ-CARDINALSArizona Cardinals Pro Football Discussions
ARTWAREFIdonet artware support echo
ASTRONOMY_FMYAstronomy Discussions
ASTRO_AMATEURAmateur Astronomy
ATARI-8BITAtari 8 Bit discussions
ATARI-GAMESAtari Games Discussions
ATARI-JAGUARAtari Jaguar Discussions
ATARI-STAtari ST Discussions
ATARI_FMYAtari 8-bit Computer Conference
ATL-FALCONSAtlanta Falcons Pro Football Discussions
AUS-FAMILYAustralian Family
AUTOMATION-HOMEHome Automations Discussions
AVIATION_FMYGeneral Discussions on Aviation
AZ_DIAMONDBACKSArizona Diamondbacks Baseball
BABYLON5[GNG] Babylon 5 Discussions
BACHDiscussion of J H Bach's Music
BALT-ORIOLESBaltimore Orioles Baseball
BALT-RAVENSBaltimore Ravens Pro Football Discussions
BAMAScience Research Echo
BASICGeneral Basic Programming Conference
BBBS.ENGLISHThe International BBBS Support Echo
BBBSDEBBBBS BBS Debian Packaging discussions, etc.
BBBSFDNBBBS FDN Discussions, Announcements, etc.
BBSBBS Internet Discussions
BBS-ADSPost your BBS ad on the internet
BBS-SYSOPSBBS Sysop's Conference
BBSLISTSBBS List Discussions
BBS_NEWSBBS Announcements / Discussions
BIBLEInternational Bible Conference
BILLIARDSBilliards discussions
BINKLEYbinkleyterm support echo
BIRD-WATCHINGBird Watching Discussions
BITDBack In The Day
BLACKSMITHINGBlacksmith Newsgroup
BLUEWAVEDiscussion about Bluewave reader and doors.
BNUBNU Help and Discussion Echo
BOOKSArts, literature and theatre
BOSTON-BRUINSBoston Bruins NHL Hockey Discussions
BOSTON-CELTICSBoston Celtics NBA Basketball Discussions
BOSTON_REDSOXBoston Redsox Baseball
BSKTBL_BIG-EASTBig East College Basketball
BUFF-BILLSBuffalo Bills Pro Football Discussions
C-LANGUAGEC-Language Programming
C-PLUSPLUSC++ programming language conference
CAR-PANTHERSCarolina Panthers Pro Football Discussionsn
CATS_MEOWThe Cats_Meow Sanity Check Echo
CELTIC-MUSICCeltic Music Discussions
CFORSALECommercial for Sale Echo
CHAR-HORNETSCharlotte Hornets NBA Basketball Discussions
CHESS_ANALYSISAnalysis Of Chess games
CHESS_COMPUTERComputerized Chess Discussions
CHESS_MISCMiscellaneous Chess Discussions
CHESS_POLITICSPolitics and Chess
CHI-BLACKHAWKSChicago Blackhawks
CHI-WHITESOXChicago Whitesox Baseball team Discussions
CHICAGO-EATSDiscussion on the dining apsects of Chicago Area
CHICAGO_BEARSChicago Bears Discussions
CHICAGO_BULLSChicago Bulls Basketball
CHICAGO_CUBSChicago Cubs Echo Discussions
CHRISTIAN_MUSICChristian Music Discussions
CHRISTNETInternet Christnet Newsgroup [Filtered]
CHRISTNET-EVANGCHRISTNET Internet Newsgroup [Filtered]
CHRISTNET-PHILCHRISTNET Internet Newsgroup [Filtered]
CHRISTNET_BIBLEInternet Christnet Newsgroup [Filtered]
CHRISTNET_PUBCHRISTNET Internet Newsgroup [Filtered]
CHRONIC-PAINChronic Pain Support Conference
CIGARSCigar Echo
CINCI-BENGALSCincinnati Bengals Pro Football Discussions
CINCI-REDSCincinnati Reds Baseball Discussions
CIVLIB***Placeholder Tag***
CLEV-CAVALIERSCleveland Caveliers NBA Basketball Discussions
CLEVE-BROWNSCleveland Browns Pro Football Discussions
CLEVE-INDIANSCleveland Indians Baseball Discussions
CLGRY-FLAMESCalgary Flames NHL Hockey Discussions
COFFEEDiscussions about coffee
COFFEE_KLATSCHGossip and chit-chat echo
COGNITIVECognitive Computer Language Discussions
COL-ROCKIESColorado Rockies Baseball Discussions
COMMFidonet comm echo
CONSPRCYForum for conspiracy theory discussions
CONSULTINGConsulting Services
CONSUMERSConsumer oriented discussions.
CONSUMERS-HOUSEHome Owners Consumers
COOKFamilyNet Cooking Echo
CPLUSPLUSModerated C++
CROSSFIREPolitics And Current Events.
CURRENT_MOVIESDiscussions on Movies
CYBER-DANGERMalware, Trojan, Virus and Rogue Application Discussion
DALLAS-COWBOYSDallas Cowboys Football Team Discussions
DALLAS-MAVSDallas Mavericks Basketball Discussions
DBRIDGED'Bridge Support Echo
DBRIDGE_BBSD'Bridge & BBS Utilities
DELPHIBorland Delphi Developers Echo
DENVER-BRONCOSDenver Broncos Pro Football Discussions
DENVER-NUGGETSDenver Nuggets NBA Basketball Discussions
DET-REDWINGSDetroit Redwings NHL Hockey Discussions
DETROIT-LIONSDetroit Lions Pro Football Discussions
DETROIT-PISTONSDetroit Pistons NBA Basketball Discussions
DETROIT-TIGERSDetroit Tigers Baseball Discussions
DEVOTIONSDaily Devotionals
DIRTY_DOZENSysOp Warning on Trojans, Viruses, Bombs etc
DIXIEHAMham radio interests for the southern U.S.
DOGHOUSEInternational Dog Lovers Echomail Conference
DOOMDOOM (and other 3D games) discussion and support.
DOORSBBS Door Discussions
EASTSTAREastern Star Mail Hub Administration Echo
ECHOMODSFidonet echo moderators
EDGE-ONLINEEnchanted Debate Group Echo
EDGE_OFFLINEForum for anti-fundamentalist discussions
EDGE_ONLINEEndtime Discussion Group Exchange Echo
EDM-OILERSEdmonton Oilers NHL Hockey Discussions
EMERGCOMemergency and disaster communications by radio
ENGLISH-USAGEEnglish Usage Filtered Newsgroup
FAMILY-NAMESGeneric Family Names Genealogy Conference
FAMILY_MGRSFamilyNet International Manager Echo
FAMILY_SYSOPFamilyNet Sysop Echo
FIBROMYALGIAFiltered Fibromyalgia Newsgroup
FIDOFOOLSForum for foolish discussions
FIDOGAZETTEFidoGazette: An Alternative Newsletter
FIDOMAIL***Placeholder Tag***
FIDONEWSDiscussion of the Fidonet Newsletter, Fidonews.
FIDOPOLS***Placeholder Tag***
FIDOWORLDForum for escapees from Wallyworld
FILEFIND_FMYFamilyNet Filefind Conference00
FILEGATEIFDC FileGate Project(sm) International Echo
FILE_MOVERSFile Echo Distribution
FIREFIGHTERFirefighters Conference
FL-GATOR-FTBALLFlorida Gator College Football
FLA-MARLINSFlorida Marlins Baseball Discussions
FLAMESForum for pissing each other off
FMAIL_HELPFmail Help Echo
FN_SYSOPFidonet SysOp Information Exchange.
FOOTBALLGeneric Football Discussions [North America]
FREEWAREFiltered alt.comp.freeware newsgroup
GAMESGames discussions
GB-PACKERSGreenbay Packers Pro Football Discussions
GECHO_HELPInternational GEcho Support
GENEALOGY_FMYGeneral Genealogy Discussionsn
GEN_JEWISHJewish Genealogy Conference
GS-WARRIORSGolden State Warriors NBA Basketball Discussions
GUITARguitar/ bass guitar topics
GYMNASTICSGeneral Gymnastic Discussions
HALF-LIFEHalf Life Game discussions00
HALF-LIFECSHalf Life Counterstrike
HELPDESK24 Hour Help Desk Support via Internet0000
HERETICSForum for religious discussions
HOLYSMOKEReligious Debate Echo
HOME-REPAIRDiscussions about home repair.
HOME-THTR-MISCMiscellaneous Home Theatre Discussions
HOST18Region 18 Coordinator Discussion Echo
HOU-ROCKETSHouston Rockets NBA Basketball Discussions
HOUSTON-ASTROSHouston Astros Baseball Discussions
ICInternational Coordinator Conference
IM_USERDiscussion echo for InterMail and InterEcho. (FTN softw
IND-PACERSIndiana Pacers NBA Basketball Discussions
INDY-COLTSIndianapolis Colts Pro Football Discussions
INTERNETDiscussion about the Internet
INTERNET-BBSInternet BBS Newsgroup
JOBSJob Postings
JVILLE-JAGUARSJacksonville Jaguars Pro Football Discussions
KC-CHIEFSKansas City Chiefs Pro Football Discussions
KC-ROYALSKansas City Royals Baseball Discussions
KY-COLLEGE-SPTSKentucky Secondary College Sports
LA-CLIPPERSLos Angeles Clippers NBA Basketball Discussions
LA-DODGERSLos Angeles Dodgers Baseball discussions
LA-LAKERSLA Lakers Discussions
LA-RAMSLA Rams discussions
LATINOLatin Chat Echo
LINUXThe Linux Operating System
LIVE_AUDIOSOund reinforcement tools & techniques
LS_ARRLham radio bulletins/news
LUTHERANLutheran Fellowship
LYNX_GAMESAtari Lynx Games
MADEINUSAForum for discussion of stuff made in USA
MATZDOBREThe Mad Dog Matzdobre Echo
MBSEThe Linux/FreeBSD MBSE BBS Support Echo
MBSEDEBMBSE BBS Debian Packaging discussions, etc.
MEDIA_WATCHNews and current affairs
MESSIANICMessianic Jewish Conference
MESSIANIC-ORTHOMessianic Jewish Orthodox Discussions
METALWORKINGMetalworking Echo
MIAMI-DOLPHINSMiami Dolphins Pro Football Discussions
MIAMI-HEATMiami Heat NBA Basketball Discussions
MIL-BUCKSMilwaukee Bucks NBA Basketball discussions.
MINISTERe-Devotion Ministries
MISSIONSMissionary Newsletter Conference
MKMythical Kingdom
MKE-BREWERSMilwaukee Brewer Baseball Discussions
MLMMultilevel Marketing
ML_BASEBALLmajor league baseball
MN-TWINSMinnesota Twins Baseball Discussions
MN-VIKINGSMinnestoa Viking discussions
MN-WOLVESMinnesota Wolves NBA Basketball Discussions
MONTREAL-EXPOSMontreal Expos Baseball Discussions
MOVIESMovies & TV Discussion
MTL-CANADIENSMontral Canadiens Hockey
NAMEFIXNAMEFIX Find Users in multple networks
NE-PATRIOTSNew England Patriots Pro Football Discussions
NESYSOPNew England (R16) SysOps
NET140.SYSOPNet 140 Sysop echo
NET_KIDSNetwork Kid echo
NJ-DEVILSNew Jerset Devils Hockey
NJ-NETSNew Jersey Nets Basketball Team [filtered]
NJ_GENERALnj.general [filtered]
NJ_POLITICSnj.politics [filtered]
NLP_OTHER***Placeholder Tag***
NO-SAINTSNew Orleans Saints Pro Football Discussions
NOTRE-DAME-SPTSNotre Dame College Sports Discussions
NY-ISLANDERSNew York Islanders Hockey
NY-JETSNew Jets Pro Football Discussions
NY-KNICKSNY Knicks NBA Basketball Discussions
NY_GIANTSNew York Giants Football
NY_METSNew York Mets Baseball Discussions
NY_RANGERSNew York Rangers Hockey Discussions
NY_YANKEESNew York Yankees
OAKLAND-ASOakland Athletics Baseball Discussions
OHIO-STATE-SPTSOhio State College Sports Discussions
ORL-MAGICOrlando Magic NBA Basketball Discussions
OS2OS/2 Discussion and Support
OS2BBSOS/2-native BBSing
OS2HARDWARE-LOS2 HARDWARE mailing list gated from Yahoo
OS2HWOS/2 Hardware
OS2INETThe Internet and OS/2 Integration and Use
OS2LANOS/2 Local Area Networks
OS2PROGThe FidoNet OS/2 Programming Echo
OS2USER-LOS2 User mailing list gated from Yahoo
OTT-SENATORSOttowa Senators Hockey
PAC-10-SPORTSPAC 10 College Sports
PARENTING-MULTIParenting Twins/Triplets
PARTISANSForum for political discussions
PASCAL_LESSONSPascal Programming Lessons
PCBOARD-BBSPCBoard newsgroup
PDNECHOProgrammers Distribution Network Echo
PENN-BASKETBALLPenn State Basketball
PERLPERL Programming Language
PERLFDNPERL FDN Discussions, Announcements, etc.
PHILA-76ERSPhiladelphia 76ers NBA Basketball discussions.
PHILA-EAGLESPhiladelphia Eagles Pro Football Discussions
PHILA-FLYERSPhiladelphia Flyers NHK Hockey Discussions
PHILA-PHILLIESPhiladelphia Phillies Baseball Discuusions
PHILOSOPHYForum for philosophical discussions
PHX-SUNSPhoenix Suns NBA Basketball discussions.
PIT-PENGUINSPittsburgh Penguins Hockey
PITT-PIRATESPittsburgh Pirates Baseball Discussions
PITT-STEELERSPittsburgh Steelers Pro Football Disccussions
PKEY_DROPPublic-Key Distribution Echo
PLAYSTATIONSony Playstation Discussions
POINTSPoint usage discussion and systems support.
POLITICSPolitical Discussion
POL_DISPolitical Disorder
POL_DISORDERPolitical Disorder Discussion Area
POL_INCPolitically Incorrect
PORT-BLAZERSPortland Trailblazers NBA Basketball discussions.
PORTUGUESPortuguese Language Chat Echo
PRECINCT_01Police Oriented Talk
PRIVACYDiscussions centered around the right to privacy.
PUBLIC_KEYSPublic-Key Discussion Echo
QMODEM_USERQmodem Users Discussion Conference
R11ADMINFidonet Region 11 Administration
R11CHATFidonet Region 11 General Chat
R11NCFidonet Region 11 Network Coordinators
R13COORDRegion 13 Coordinators Echo
R13SYSOPRegion 13 Sysops Echo
R13_ELECTIONRegion 13 Election Echo
R16ADMINRegion 16 Administration
R18ELECTRegion 18 Election Echo
R18FILERegion 18 File Announcement Echo
R18HUBRegion 18 Hub Echo
R18_RC5Region 18 RC5 Team and Interest Echo
RAIDERSOakland Raiders
RAILROADGeneral Railroad Discussions
RARRAR Archiver Support Conference International
RA_32BIT32Bit RemoteAccess Discussion Echo
RA_MULTIRemoteAccess Multi-Node Sysops Echo
RA_SUPPORTRemoteAccess Support Echo
RA_UTILRemoteAccess Utilities Echo
REGION11Fidonet Region 11 Sysops Chat
RETAIL_HORRORAn outlet for the horror stories of Retail Shopping or
RGN17Region 17 Secondary Sysop echo
RGN17-ADMINRegion 17 Administrative Sysop echo
SA-SPURSSan Antonio Spurs Basketball Team Discussions
SAC-KINGSSacramento Kings NBA Basketball Discussions
SCANNERSComputer Hardware Scanner discussions
SD-CHARGERSSan Diego Chargers Pro Football Discussions
SD-PADRESSan Diego Padres Baseball discussions
SEA-MARINERSSeattle Mariners Baseball Discussions
SEA-SEAHAWKSSeattle Seahawks Pro Football Discussions
SEATTLE-SONICSSeattle Supersonics NBA Basketball Discussions
SEGA_GAMESSega Dreamcast Discussions
SF-49ERSSan Francisco 49ers Pro Football Discussions
SF-GIANTSSan Francisco Giants Baaseball Discussions
SJ-SHARKSSan Jose Sharks Hockey
SOCCERSoccer discussions
SQAFIX***Placeholder Tag***
STATSFidonet Statistics Echo
STL-CARDINALSSt. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team discussions
STL-RAMSSt. Louis Rams Pro Football Discussions
SURVIVALISMSurvivalism Discussions
SWLShortwave listening
SYNCDEBSynchronet Debian Packaging discussions, etc.
SYSOP18Region 18 Sysop Only Echo
TAMPABAY-BUCSTampabay Buccaneers Pro Football Discussions
TEAMOS2OS2 User groups and grass roots promotion
TEXAS-RANGERSTexas Rangers Baseball team discussions
TOR-BLUEJAYSToronto Bluejays Baseball discussions
TOR-MAPLELEAFSToronto Mappleleafs Hockey
TOR-RAPTORSToronto Raptors NBA Basketball Discussions
TRIBBSThe *ORIGINAL* TriBBS Software Support Echo
TX-FORSALETexas Want ads
UTAH-JAZZUtah Jazz NBA Basketball Discussions
UTEXASUniversity of Texas Sports Discussions
VANC-CANUCKSVancouver Canucks NHL Hockey Discussions
VATICANNews direct from the Vatican Information Service (VIS).
VEGAS-VACATIONLas Vegas Vacation Newsgroup
VGA-PLANETSVGA Planets games discussions
VIRUSAnti-Virus Discussion/Solutions/etc
VIRUS_INFOAnti-Virus Discussion/Solutions/etc
WARGAMESWargame Discussions
WAR_ON_TERRORWar on terrorism.
WASH-BULLETSWashington Bullets NBA Basketball discussions.
WASH-CAPITALSWashington Capitals NHL Hockey Discussions
WASH-REDSKINSWashington Redskins Football Discussions
WEATHERNational Weather Network
WEBUTILInternational WEBUTIL Echo
WEBUTIL_BETAInternational WEBUTIL Beta Echo
WEIGHTLIFTINGBody Building Discussions
WHAT'S_HOT!What's Hot And What's Not.
WIFI***Placeholder Tag***
WILDCAT-BBSWildcat BBS Newsgroup
WIN-2000Windows 2000 discussions
WIN-XPWindows XP
WIN95Windows Operating System Discussion
WINEWine Discussions
WWIIWorld War Two
WWW-MARKETINGWorld Wide Web Marketing Newsgroup
WWW-SITESWWW sites newsgroup
Z1CZone 1 Coordinator Contact Conference DNS Discussions, Announcements, etc.
Z1_ELECTIONFidonet Zone 1 Current Election Topics
Z1_POLITICALZone 1 Fidonet Politics Discussion Forum
Z1_ROUTINGEcho Routed Netmail Discussion
ZECZone 1 Echomail Coordinator Echo
COOKINGNational Cooking Echo
MISC_WARMiscellaneous Warfare
WWIWorld War One
AM_4SALEItems for Sale
AM_BADSBBS Advertisements
AM_BARTERBarter and Counter-Trade
AM_BIZADSBusiness Advertising
AM_BIZOPSBusiness Opportunites and Offers
AM_CAREERSJob Announcements/Positions Wanted
AM_DEVAmberNet File Announcements
AM_HOMEBIZHome Business and Allied Fields
AM_SYSOPAmberNet Sysop Echo
AM_WOMBIZAmberNet Women in Business
AM_WOMWORKWomen in the workplace
AMBERNETAmberNet Primary Echo for General Discussion
AQUARIUMFresh and Marine Fishkeeping
ASCII_ARTASCII Artware- G-rated
BARTERDiscussions relative to Barter (Trade)
BBS_ADSBBS Advertisements
BGFAXBGFax discussions
BIZINESSBusiness Echo
BUSINESSFor Business Discussions
DELETE_MESo, this line is the Title or Summary Description
DIABETESCotrol of Diabetes
DRAKEDiscussions concerning R. L. Drake Communications Equip
EC13Place Holder
ECHOLISTEchoList Access Conference
ECHOPOLEchopol - There is none
FEED_CUTDesigned to inform users, sysops and *EC's of echo feed
FIDOnull echo
FIDONETThe network is going away
FIDOTIMESFidonet News, Comments and History
FOXPROFoxPro and Allied Database products
GIGOSupport for GIGO Gateway Software
HAM-SALESales of Amateur Radio Equipment
HAM_TECHAmateur (HAM) Radio TECHnical Conference
HIJACKMEDesigned as a Test of The Echolist Robot
HTMLEDITDiscussions in reference to HTML Editing, tools and rel
IC_SURVIVORConvenient Repository for IC_SURVIVOR
LIMBAUGHLimbaugh Related
LURKERAn Echo where most don't post
MAINDOORMain Door for Business Users
MOD_COUNCILDiscussions concerning Echomail Distribution and a Mode
MORSEDiscussions about Morse Code
NETLINECoordination Echo for *.C's of the Other Networks
OLDTRUCKOldTruck: What can you do with them??? Barter!!!!
OTHERNETSOtherNets: Information on Networks other than FidoNet
OTHRECHOEchoList of Echoes in Alternative Networks
P5DRAFTConference for Discussion of Policy 5 DRAFT
QRPAmateur Radio Low Power
RCCRegional Coordinator Communications
RA_BALTWASHRemoteAccess SYSOPS in Baltimore/Washington Area
RTTYRadio Teletype
SOFTWARE_MARKETINGSoftware Marketing/Business
SHAREWARE_SUPPORTShareWare Software Support Conference
SHORTWAVEShortwave Listening
UFGATEUsenet-Fidonet Gating methods
WORDSTARWordstar Discussions

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